(9W) 65 South Liberty Dr. Stony Point, NY 10980 Mon - Sun 4:30 Am to 6:00 Pm 845-786-3601

Mathew S.

“its not just the breakfast that is awesome.  Their lunch sandwiches are just as tasty.  They always have a list of fresh specials to order from or you can just go with the classics portrayed behind the counter.  Order up, grab your drink of choice from the cooler , and wait to be served up a mouth watering morsel.

The staff is always friendly.  When it gets crowded you have to elbow your way through the locals to the front to order, but thats half the fun.  There are some picnic tables outside in the parking lot to chow down on and thats about it for seating.  You’ll also be excited to know it opens at 4 am.  So whether you hit it for an early morning bite before driving off into the sunset or you stop in after a night of binge drinking for some much needed nourishment, Deli Central will serve you up just what you need.”